Kiss Me Deadly Cherie Teddy Review

Those that have been following me on tumblr for sometime may have perhaps guessed that Kiss Me Deadly is one of my favourite lingerie brands. Unfortunately, I no longer fit into the bra size range and knickers are something I have an excess of -around 70% of my knicker collection is from KMD - and so it's becoming increasingly rarer that I purchase anything from the brand. Christmas time came around however and I was thrilled to receive the black cherie teddy as a gift from my lovely aunt, an item I had been coveting for quite sometime.

In all honesty, although I loved it, I wasn't at all sure of how much I would wear it. There's been many a time where I've gone out and bought some gorgeous and expensive piece of lingerie only to have it sit in its pretty little box and gather dust for whatever reason. It turns out that there was nothing to worry about in this regard, I wear my teddy at every chance I can possibly get, which I assure you, is no small amount.

The range of teddies come in pink (which is on the way to selling out), black (which is part of the Kiss Me Deadly's permanent range) and a limited edition red (which is available exclusively on Joanna's Wardrobe.) They're made of stretch satin -though the pink is made of stretch silk- and a black lace trim with ribbon straps. My teddy is a size medium and fits more or less quite well as they are made to be a loose fit. I would rather the waist area to be a tiny bit more fitted which could be achieved by sizing down, but would come at the expense of the cups being then too small.

An issue I have with the teddy is definitely the straps. As they are made of ribbon the sliders (?) don't grip and so I find myself adjusting them frequently. This tends to get slightly irritating and as I am petite it's not something I can ignore without involuntarily undressing myself, although I'm sure this problem would be a quick fix with a few stitches or something else devised to keep the damn thing in place.

Those with sensitive skin may want to watch out for the lace as well as it does feel a little rough and gets a tad itchy, though for me it's nothing too serious and I don't notice it all that much. Walking around the house in a dainty teddy and aggressively scratching your breasts, however, don't exactly seem to fit in well together.

Overall, I really adore the cherie teddy and would like to acquire one in another colour. The teddy makes a wonderful loungewear piece and I find is especially good in the warmer months, though I don't know if it would be so great in winter.


  1. I do wonder about the lace we use. How often have you washed it, as I have a horrible feeling it's a dye issue?

    Also, I think I want to put metal rings and slides on the straps - or do what Ayten does so you just tie them!

    1. I think I've washed it around three times now since I've had it and the lace has definitely softened up a bit since then, but I still feel for sensitive skins it might be a tiny bit too rough.
      Tying the straps is a good option too, hopefully a cheaper one. I have a camisole and I find the tied straps on that are quite good. Overall though those problems are minimal for me, I think it's my favourite KMD item by far, Catherine :)