Fauve Evangeline Half Cup Review

Back in September last year I headed down to Brava, a full bust specialist store in Melbourne. It was the momentous occasion of buying myself my first well fitting bra and I knew exactly which one I had my heart set on, the Evangeline half cup by Fauve. Ever since the first time I put it on it has remained my favourite bra and now with it being on it's last legs I thought a review was in order to celebrate all the support it has given my breasts and back over the last few months.

Fauve is a brand that is yet to displease me in the way of style and design. Much to the dismay of my bank account I find myself wanting at least one bra from every collection Fauve brings out. The Evangeline, however, has always been something special to me. Never have I seen a bra so striking, so elegant or one that felt so very me. The rich gold fabric overlayed with leavers lace looks utterly divine and gives off a subtly sexy vibe, there's no question about why I adore it.

Now to the nitty gritty details. The straps are almost an inch wide which I love and are partially covered in lace. This is both good and bad as it adds to the prettiness of the bra, yet if you're someone that needs to tighten their straps quite a lot, it can be a slight trouble, though one can more or less adjust the sliders over the lace with a little extra work. On the other hand, though, this makes the sliders stay in place for much longer and so I rarely have to tighten the straps on this bra at all.

The band has two columns of three hooks, which I find to be the standard in full bust bras. However the band is on the looser side of a 30 and I would have appreciated another column of hooks to allow for more tightening. I've kept this bra in good condition through hand washing, so although I am on the tightest hook now I can get it altered so I can continue to wear it for another few months, which I'm extremely happy about as it will be a sad day when I put the Evangeline to rest.

I have a lot of trouble with the gores on bras. Too high, too wide, not strong enough to hold my breasts in place, you name it, but the gore on the Evangeline is just about right, measuring 3cm at the top of it. It is a touch too wide, but I really don't notice it all that much and it does sit relatively flat on my sternum so I'm thankful for that. It also has a bow on top, cuteness!

In regards to the fit of the cups I can't praise this bra enough. My breast shape gives me enormous amounts of trouble with trying to find bras that fit, having full on the bottom breasts means I encounter a lot of gaping and wrinkling in many styles of bras, yet going down a cup results in quadraboob which just makes everything a whole lot worse. This bra is more or less a perfect fit and makes me so happy whenever I wear it. Minimal lining, low cut and straps that behave, magnificent! It gives me a bit of "oomph", a lovely shape and the seaming on the cups just screams "Give this woman lift!" A good combination for someone such as myself who is always after a touch of cleavage.

Is this review a little over enthusiastic? Yes. Do I love this bra to death? Yes. Will I be re-purchasing this bra if it's still around when I can afford it? Most definitely. Thank you, Fauve, for making my first well fitting bra such a good experience.


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