Changing sizes.

In the last year or so I've had a lot of changes to my bra size. At the start of 2013 I was wearing a 34DD, a band seven inches bigger than my ribcage, and needless to say, it caused a lot of problems. I was professionally fitted in June 2013 into a 30F or a 28FF depending on how I liked my band, but it was a still a few months before I made it to the right size.

I decided to slowly adjust myself to wearing smaller bands as I felt jumping straight down to a 28 might be a tad excruciating for me, so I went on to a 32E and then a 30F which I've been wearing for about five months. After a lot of adjusting, learning about bra fit and learning about what bras will suit my shape I'm finally making the leap to a 28 band which will hopefully be my last bra size change for a while.

All this is good and well apart from the fact that I didn't exactly realize the lack of choice in the smaller band sizes, which is about half of what I had to choose from in a 30 band. This is a problem for me as I'm both incredibly fussy and need very specific things in bras so they'll actually fit me. Thus began my rampage of trying to find bras in my new size that I like. Many hours I have spent on numerous sites, researching, complaining and sitting in a fit of rage. I have emerged, a little worse for wear but with my eyes set on some bras that look pretty damn good, so here are the top 5 bras on my "to acquire" list so far.


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