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The bow isn't actually angled, I just forgot to neaten it- A Story by Captain

Few lingerie brands delight me as much as Sacha Kimmes does. It's a brand that I've been coveting for months, combining minimalistic yet intriguing designs with some of my favourite styles in lingerie, it's no question why Sacha Kimmes takes the cake for the knickers of my dreams. So when Sacha contacted me proposing to send me some items for review I practically squealed with excitement.

Please note, while the lingerie in this post was provided  for me to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Lisa High Waisted Knickers and Triangle Bra is the set I received and my gosh, isn't this a saucy little number. I would love to wear sultry sets every day, but unfortunately, ouvert Agent Provocateur knickers just can't be worn while doing the groceries (well, they can, it just wasn't the comfiest, nor most appropriate thing in the world.) so when I put the Lisa knickers on, oh boy was I charmed.

These high waisted beauties are wonderful, if you're someone who likes a bit of mesh you'll perhaps have encountered the more unpleasant kinds, knickers that itch and make you feel sweaty. Whether you're all dolled up for a night on the town or just slouchy and grouchy and headin' to work, it's not something you want to deal with and I was mighty pleased that the Lisa knickers, having worn them all day - on long train rides, shopping sprees and tea with lovely ladies - did not even give me the slightest niggle of discomfort and so passed the first and most important test on my list. Cute and comfy. Yes, yes and yes.

High waisted knickers are my knicker of choice, there's just something about them that makes me feel like a jaunty little dame ready for anything. The fact that the Lisa knickers are also black, made out of polka dot mesh and have a big silky bow on the back puts them straight to the top of my most loved lingerie list. So much so that I think within the year I might just own most of the knickers that Sacha brings out. I love them. They fit me beautifully in a size small and I don't have any trouble with them falling down at the waist. There's no hard elastic digging into me, there's no unflattering bulging when I wear them and I'm ecstatic to have a piece of lingerie that's practically perfect for me. It's a rare occurrence, let me tell you.

Unfortunately the triangle bra was not such a big hit. To be fair, I am full busted with a tiny ribcage and so bralettes and me probably won't ever get along. Not that there's going to be any punch-up's between me and bralettes, we just prefer to keep a civil acquaintanceship and politely smile at each other from across the room from time to time. So while I was hoping that the Lisa Bralette would fit, because I absolutely adore the aesthetics of it, it didn't.

I chose a size medium in the bra which measurements on the site are listed as 86-90 cm for the bust and 76-80 cm for the underbust. When putting it on it's a struggle and a matter of staying very still so my breasts don't fly out all over the place, the band to me feels like a 34 so as someone who wears a 28 band, it was a bit of a shock. And the cups? well, they would do better as nipple pasties on me. In hindsight, I would probably need an extra small in the underbust and a large in the cup to get it anywhere close to fitting, though this is no fault of Sacha's. It's a struggle to get bras made for my size to fit let alone something which would be much more appropriate for smaller breasts.

Overall, I loved both items I was sent and was quite impressed with the quality of them. The knickers are marvellous and definitely one of my favourite pairs, the bralette made my heart flutter and  was dismayed when after several attempts at making it fit I realized it wasn't going to work out. The design and style of Sacha Kimmes lingerie is amazing and I'm sure soon enough my drawers will be overflowing with her glorious knickers. For anyone looking to find some gorgeous yet wearable lingerie, look no further than Sacha Kimmes.

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