Lazy Day OOTD

Hungover today and needed to get dressed to go to the grocery store so I thought I should give my new outfit a whirl. 

The pants are from Dangerfield, and are part of the Princess Highway line. I adore these. I had been lusting over them for some weeks, but with them being a whopping $80 and me having disgustingly low self esteem lately made me hold off buying them every time I went into the store. My lovely friend Dear Mr Rabbit managed to convince me to get these babies when we went shopping and I'm so glad she did. 

The turtle neck is from Uniqlo and words cannot describe how much I love it. Until Uniqlo opened up in Melbourne a few months ago I couldn't seem to find turtle necks anywhere, which confused me greatly as they're such a basic item. Since I discovered that Uniqlo stocked them, I've added six to my collection and am hoping for at least ten. I know it may sound a bit excessive to some, but I wear them every day. 

  The jumper is also from Dangerfield and was also a stupid amount of money but I love it. It's really comfy and good for layering, I love how well it matches the pants, it's also quite versatile so overall I'm really happy with it. 

Didn't think I'd ever be one to wear mustard.


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