Peppermint tea is my drink of choice, It's relaxing, has good character and is refreshing hot or cold. I've been known to drink dozens of cups on particularly bad days and I'm always looking for higher grade and more flavoursome brands to drink. Since I became enamoured with lingerie I found every time I had a cup of tea a set that reminded me of the flavour I was drinking would come to mind, so here's to a new series of posts about lingerie that reminds me of tea. A little odd, yes, but I couldn't resist combining two of my favourite things.

This set is another colourway in their much loved eyelash lace set, which I adore. It's a striking set and the contrast of colours really makes it stand out. If you're looking for a brighter minty colour, this one is for you.

This sheer mint bra and knicker set is topped off with white lace and a candy pink bow, so sweet! It strikes me as a set that would work well with most skin tones and is quite simple but stunning at the same time. Take a look at The Lingerie Lesbian's review of this set.

Last but not least is the Spearmint Night and Day Dress by Katerina Nis.
Girly but elegant, this little number is the perfect lingerie piece for any mint lover. This dress is definitely my cup of tea, the sheer fabric combined with frothy ruffles makes it delightful to look at but easy to wear. 


  1. Ooooh, I hadn't seen the new Playful Promises set yet! It is completely lovely. I think tea and lingerie go fantastically well together!

    1. The Playful Promises set is so gorgeous, such a striking colour. And yes, tea and lingerie are magnificent together. I may have taken inspiration from your baking and lingerie posts ;)