Panache Tango Plunge Review

Ah, Panache, there's so much I want to say about how much I love this brand. In the past few months Panache has taken over my lingerie collection and become my go to brand, with a perfect fit in most of their bras and a range of both elegant and fun styles, they're fast becoming my favourite. My most recent Panache purchase, however, is something I would not have picked myself, the Tango plunge bra is quite basic, with no frills whatsoever, so whenever I had picked it up off the rack in store it never really caught my eye and was eclipsed by styles a little more luxurious. That was until a few weeks ago when a friend recommended I try it on, and I am so grateful that she did because I've never looked back.

The Tango makes a marvellous everyday bra, it gives a nice uplifted, natural shape that's a little "pointy" as I would describe it. No molded, round breasts with this bra. Comparing it to the Panache Jasmine - another favourite of mine - the Tango has much more subdued look underneath clothes, I find the Jasmine is a bit more on the extremely pointy side, which I quite like,  although as it's a soft cup it might just be my natural breast shape that makes it so. I was a little worried at how this bra would do for an everyday work bra as it is a plunge and sometimes that can be a bit of an issue. The Tango kept everything firmly in place all day and I found I didn't have to adjust my bra once, no spillage, no straps slipping, no band riding up and it was glorious. An issue I did have, however, was the first few times I wore this bra the gore was a little uncomfortable, not to the extent of "Oh my god, I need to rip this thing off right now" just a touch firm on my sternum. I found this went away in about three wears and a wash and have now put it down to it being a new bra and sometimes you have to break new bras in, which is a pain but usually worth it.

The fit of this bra is pretty spot on, at the moment I usually take a 28FF in my bras and found this one true to size. The band is a little on the firmer side of a 28 but not so much as to be a tight fit, the cups are almost perfect, although they cut in ever so slightly yet not enough to go up a cup size and usually is fine if I loosen the straps a touch. I would say the wires are on the narrower side, which I find standard for Panache and also great for me, having a small frame I often have the problem of a lot of spare space at the sides of my bra but ending up with insane quadraboob when going down a cup. The narrow wires on my Panache bras are one of my favourite things about them and partly what makes Panache work so well for me.

I bought the matching briefs to complete the set, and much like the bra, while simple they do their job well. I wear a size 8 or XS in the briefs and find no cutting in or bulges which is good under trousers, jeans, tight skirts, ect. Something I love about these briefs is that the elastic is really soft. I've been having a rough time with briefs lately where the elastic is just too tough for me and ends up cutting in and hurting. I don't get this at all with the tango briefs and am happy to wear them all day.

Well done to Panache for being an awesome brand and helping me to feel happy with my boobs and body.


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