Forest Fruits.

I'm learning to use my camera! That is, learning what the numerous buttons and functions do on it. Before I was just setting the damned thing to auto and hoping my photos turned out okay, so far I'm happy with the results, don't you think this photo turned out much better than the last tea one? Now, on to the tea!

Today's tea is Forest Fruits by Tetley and it's a delicious mixture of hibiscus, poppy flowers, rosehips, apple pieces, cherry stems and other assorted berries. In all honesty, I've never been one for trying new things and find myself disappointed by many teas I taste, but this is delicious and quite different from my usual grassy teas. It's refreshing, but gorgeously aromatic and flavorsome.

Berry Kiss by Fleur of England. Now isn't this a sultry little number, tie-side knickers and delicate lace all in a rich, silky colour? Yes please.

This set is one I've been lusting after for the longest of times and is on my list of things that I absolutely must acquire. The Delia Shawl Bralette and matching knickers by La Lilouche is a set that exudes decadence and opulence and would satisfy my little hedonistic heart to the brim. One day, my love, one day. 

Roses anyone? I confess! At first look I thought this set had a likeness to my grandmothers couch and hated it. But then I looked again, and again and...oh my, I need it. Floris by Panache available at Bravissimo, it might just appear in my letterbox one day...

The Sugarplum set by Ohhh Lulu. I have a love hate relationship with Ohhh Lulu because everything from the brand is perfect and that is highly dangerous to my already withered bank account. This colour, it's magnificent and needs to be on me. 

These Burgundy Lace Boyshorts by Luva Huva look cute, comfy and are ethically produced. What more could you want? Apart from 5 pairs that is. 


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